Hi, my name is Paul and this website is mainly for me! It is also increasingly for my friends who are interested in raw food and want to share what we have learnt.

The first thing I want to say is please be responsible for your own health or diet. Nothing on this website is intended to provide any professional help or advice about health or diet. You must seek professional help or advice about health, diet or medical matters elsewhere as this website really does not provide it. By using this website you agree that you understand this.

Raw food has been a substantial part of my diet for many years. I have always enjoyed fresh raw food particularly basic stuff like watercress and tomatoes, and I still do. However this can sometimes be a bit boring.

When I go shopping, I often get comments at the checkout like "that looks very healthy" and I think to myself "Well why would anybody want to eat anything that wasn't?" I realise now that there is a gap between what we instinctively know is good for us, and what we actually eat, and I include myself here.

Why is there this gap? Over the last few years I have been on a number of seminars. I realise now that what our body needs nutritionally should ideally meet our emotional reasons for eating as well. If we are not actually starving then we expect our food to entertain us as well. This means it has to be fun to prepare, look good and have variety.

The purpose of this raw food recipes website is to create and share beautiful raw food recipes through which living energy can radiate. I want to be able to freely share as much information about raw food recipes and other aspects of raw food as I can with a specific focus on plant material. Animal products are excluded, that is anything with a face. Dairy products are excluded. Eggs and egg products are excluded. Soya is mostly excluded. Fermented Soya products are sometimes used to add flavour. Ingredients that have been heated beyond 46C (115F) are mostly excluded, but they are used sometimes just to add flavour.

This website is "work in progress" and I admit it is very embryonic at the moment. I will add to it as and when I can. A few people have asked me how I grow wheatgrass so that's the first thing I've put on. There is a whole host of other questions that I have been asked. I will try and focus on providing this information first if I can.

Have lots of fun,

Paul 1/8/2007