Penny books

  • Amazingly, you can sometimes find useful books for just one penny!
  • Ok. You will have to pay for postage and packing on top of that, but even so they represent really good value.
  • Typically these are out of print books or books that have been superseded by a later edition.
  • For the most part, the content doesn't date that much. In fact many of these books have far more information in them than many of the more recent good to look at but no real content types.
  • Look out for them too in car boot sales, bric-a-brac and charity shops.
  • I have listed some that I noticed. They aren't necessarily all about raw food, but they are typically from authors like Leslie Kenton who have written a lot about raw food.
  • Most of the penny books are used rather than new. They are often still in excellent condition. Check out the condition before you buy.
  • Please do check that the prices haven't changed before you buy them. When I put them here they are really only one penny, but I have noticed that the prices sometimes creep up after!!!
  • Often they sell out too, and are simply not available any more.
  • You might just want to buy one for a friend too ...!
  • I love a bargain! I have even purchased a few "collectors items" this way ... Good hunting ...
  • What a great way to build up your knowledge!