• I have not come across anybody who has been living the raw vegan lifestyle for a while, who is also obese. I think that speaks for itself.
  • The popular view of obesity is that people should just eat less and exercise, and that somehow or other they have a character defect if they don't. Well this is easy to say, but it's not as simple as that. I think it is both arrogant and condescending to think this any more. Having come across some amazingly cleaver intelligent people, who also have a weight issue, I think you should really listen to what they are saying very carefully.
  • Having walked around for a few hours with some friends and a pedometer, the result showed that we could eat half a packet of crisps (if your into that type of thing) for all that effort. Obviously exercise has enormous benefits, but you would have to be a bit of a fitness fanatic to burn off much weight.
  • Well what does an intelligent person with a weight challenge actually eat? Generally they are focused on some aspect of life, other than nutrition, but they believe that they eat a fairly healthy diet. When you examine this more carefully, it has been my experience that much of their food choices are mostly from a range of processed foods, making selections based on the healthy eating claims from a huge number of different adverts.
  • Now supposing that somebody drank several pints of lager every day and then had a weight problem (as well as a headache) ... well it's easier to see why they might have a weight problem!
  • But supposing that there was something in all processed food and drink, that simply converted to fat shortly after you'd consumed it, and switched off the signal to your brain that you'd eaten enough. Supposing that there was no fibre at all in any of this, to speed this process up. In that case you'd always be hungry no matter which processed food you ate or how much you ate, and you'd just get fatter ...
  • If you are on a diet of processed foods you may want to understand more about what's in them. More specifically you may wish to understand fructose. See Dr Lustig's video clip "Sugar: The Bitter Truth"
  • Take a look at John Robbins video clip "Diet for a New America part 2" ... it might shock you!