Left in the Dark

  • If you think that we are at the peak of our human development Tony Wright and Graham Gynn will make you reconsider. The ideas proposed in the book "Left in the dark" have profound implications for our understanding of human evolution, and the evolution of the brain in particular. This is a MUST read for anybody interested in nutrition today, and the relationship between nutrition, genetics and evolution. It is a MUST read for anybody trying to make sense of how people behave today and the problems we have all created and face.
  • "Return To the Brain of Eden" is the newer, updated version.


  • Beyond Belief Why our undoubted glimmers of genius go hand in hand with overwhelming insanity’ (and why we will never solve the enormous problems we have created without addressing the underlying cause).
  • http://beyond-belief.org.uk
  • Left in the Dark 'The Biological Origins of the Fall From Grace' A new theory of human evolution, proposed by Tony Wright and Graham Gynn in ‘Left in the Dark’, convincingly argues that the human brain owes part of its extraordinary development to the biochemistry of a specialist fruit diet. The hormone-related chemicals in tropical fruit initiated an internal hormone mechanism that increasingly promoted brain growth and elevated neural activity. When humans were forced from their tropical forest ‘Garden of Eden’ some two hundred thousand years ago, this link with biochemically rich fruit was lost.
  • http://leftinthedark.org.uk
  • Left in the Dark'The Biological Origins of the Fall From Grace'Initial reaction to the transgenerational epigenetic theory of human evolution and its impact on the development of our brain as proposed by Tony Wright and presented in 'Left in the Dark'
  • http://www.kaleidos.org.uk