Electromagnetic radiation

  • We are bombarded with electromagnetic radiation from all kinds of sources. Think of all the TV programs, radio programs, mobile phone calls and the like that pass through your body every day. This is consequence of modern life and there is little we can do to avoid it. The earth too has a natural background radiation, but I suspect man has upped this somewhat!
  • It's not so much the lower frequency carrier waves, but more the higher data frequencies that are of concern. These higher frequencies may resonate with and impact on cells within the body.
  • It might be prudent to minimise the impact of localised more intense high frequency sources, for example from your mobile phone.
  • I know that if I'm on the mobile for more than a few minutes I can feel the impact of it, I don't need lots of research to confirm what I feel! There are a few gadgets available to reduce this. Headsets that incorporate an acoustic tube are now widely available. These allow the mobile phone and radiation to be positioned away from the body. Check out the video clips.
  • Personally I don't use a microwave either. I never have done. The main reason for this is that I have never seen the point of starting off with fibreless processed food, destroying any remaining nutritional value and then eating something that's far too hot in the middle and that is also completely insipid. This is just a personal view, you might think differently.


  • Cell Phones and Cancer The links between cell phone radiation and cancer are being established in the last few years. There is no final conclusion yet but it took almost a century to prove the link between tobacco and lung cancer. So let us look at some of the information available so far when it comes to cell phone radiation dangers: - This year the World Health Organization classified cell phones as carcinogenic. While some tried to minimize the importance of this conclusion it made all the conversation about cell phone dangers more legitimate.
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  • Smart Meter Guard is the newest and most effective way to block RF radiation exposure from smart meters. Using the proven Faraday cage technology the Smart Meter Guard is the first smart meter shield that blocks 98% to 99% of the RF radiation emitting from smart meters safely, is affordable and installs in seconds. This is the only product on the market that shows real time data blocking EMF ...
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