• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or AD/HD or ADD)
  • Well I can't quite think quite why I was asked to research this topic for a raw food recipes website. It's nice to think that a healthy raw food diet, maybe a couple of green drinks, will cure anything, but I think that's a little over optimistic! However, whatever the issue, sound nutrition always has its benefits.
  • Maybe, if you are a parent, lacking in energy, and just flopping down in front of the TV every evening, then, perhaps you should start by looking at your own diet and lifestyle.
  • For concerned parents, fighting the battles for their children, Deborah Merlin comes highly recommended. She has been down this path and encountered almost every issue. For 15 years she has recorded the journey and shares it with you. See the link below.
  • On the parenting side of things, I would definitely recommend Stephen Biddulph for his wonderful book "Raising Boys". The book explains the development of boys, it explains why the six year old is always asking about everything and the need for good male role models. It explains why a sedentary class room structure with a female teacher may not necessarily be the best model for a physically active boy. And, yes, Steve does express his view about ADHD in the book. This is a must read for any parent with young boys.
  • I don't quite see how emotionally castrating your children with drugs is going to benefit them or you in the long term, or even in the short term. There is a lot of material accumulating that highlights the downside of this approach.


  • Deborah Merlin Victory over ADHD. A holistic approach for helping children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Deborah Merlin on Raw Vegan Radio with Steve Prussack ... an exclusive interview with author Deborah Merlin on overcoming ADHD and Autism naturally. ... For fifteen years, Deborah Merlin made it her mission to be an advocate for her twins’ special needs. As a new mother of very premature twins with challenging health problems, she found that doctors and other professionals offered only drugs as the solution. To find alternative ways to heal her children she attended alternative medicine and nutritional seminars, performed extensive research on ADHD and other health-related issues, and kept impeccable records.
  • Steve Biddulph ... is one of the world’s best loved parenting authors. His books, including Secret of Happy Children, Raising Boys, and The New Manhood are in four million homes and 31 languages. They have influenced the way we look at childhood and especially the development of boys and men.
  • The Australian Medicate ADHD kids or else, parents told EXPERTS have warned that parents who don't medicate children with ADHD could be referred to child protection authorities under controversial draft guidelines being considered by the National Health and Medical Research Council.