Tomato and parsley salad dressing.


  • Blender or mini blender


  • two or three tomatoes (250g)
  • a handful of parsley leaves
  • three garlic cloves
  • 2T of white wine vinegar
  • 1T spoon of olive oil
  • a quarter of a small finger chilli (hot)
  • one lemon
  • a slice of red onion
  • a pinch of pepper
  • a few grains of Himalayan rock salt *
  • 2T or 3T of water
pepper himalayan rock salt water
tomato parsley garlic white wine vinegar olive oil finger chillies lemon red onions
Tomato and parsley salad dressing

tomato and parsley salad dressing

A salad dressing with a little bit of a kick and subtle blend of flavours.


  • Wash the tomatoes and parsley.
  • Peel the lemon and discard the skin.
  • Remove the skin from the garlic cloves and grate or chop fairly finely.
  • Chop the chilli quarter fairly finely.
  • Crush or grind the peppercorns.
  • Put all the ingredients into the blender.
  • Pulse the blender until everything is nicely mixed but don't overdo it. This dressing tastes better if you have some colour and texture.
  • Pulse in a little more white wine vinegar or a little water if you prefer it slightly thinner.


  • Pour into a small serving jug or similar
  • Serve with any green salads.


  • Clean the blender
  • Recycle the waste
  • tropical mixed peppercorns Himalayan rock salt