Quick mustard dressing.


  • Seed grinder
Seed grinders


  • 3T flax seed oil
  • 1t apple cider vinegar
  • 1t brown mustard seed
  • a pinch of Himalayan rock salt
  • a pinch of pepper


  • To get your pinch of pepper, add a few black peppercorns when you are grinding the mustard seed.
flaxseed oil apple cider vinegar brown mustard seed himalayan rock salt black peppercorns
Quick mustard dressing

quick mustard dressing

This zingy mustard dressing goes really well with a rocket, fennel, lamb's lettuce and pink grapefruit salad.


  • Use the seed grinder to grind some brown mustard seed to a fine flour.
  • Put all the ingredients except the oil into a Pyrex jug.
  • Mix everything together to a paste with a fork.
  • Finally add the oil and then mix it all in with the fork.


  • Pour into a small serving jug or similar
  • Serve with any green leaved based salads.
  • It works really well with salads that have some pink grapefruit in them.


  • Clean the blender
  • Recycle the waste