Honey and thyme dressing. This recipe makes about 50ml


  • no special equipment required


  • 2T olive oil (30ml)
  • 2t red wine vinegar (10ml)
  • 2t raw honey (10ml)
  • 1T fresh thyme leaves(15ml)
  • a few grains of Himalayan rock salt
olive oil red wine vinegar raw honey thyme himalayan rock salt
Honey and thyme dressing

honey and thyme dressing

A delightfully easy to make fresh salad dressing.


  • Measure out the red wine vinegar and honey into a small dish.
  • Chop the thyme very finely discarding any tough stalks to make about a tablespoon full.
  • Add the thyme and a few grains of Himalayan rock salt to the mix.
  • Mix everything together.
  • Finally add the olive oil and give it another stir.


  • Serve fresh with any salads.


  • There shouldn't be any waste with this recipe!