Dark tomato sauce. This recipe makes approximately 225g.


  • blender / mini blender


  • four tomatoes (250g)
  • half a cup of sun dried tomatoes (50g)
  • one garlic clove
  • 1t date paste
  • 1T fresh basil leaves
  • 1T olive oil
tomato sun dried tomatoes garlic Date paste basil olive oil
Dark tomato sauce

dark tomato sauce

A fresh dark tomato sauce for a variety of uses.


  • Remove the skin from the tomatoes. If you dip them into nearly boiling water for less than a minute the skins can easily be removed without cooking them.
  • Cut the tomatoes in half across their equator to remove the pips and put the tomato flesh into the blender. Minimise waste by pouring the pips and any juice through a strainer before discarding the pips.
  • Grate the garlic very finely and to the blender.
  • Add the date paste.
  • Chop the basil fairly finely and add that too.
  • Add the olive oil.
  • Wash the sun dried tomatoes to remove all the salt and add them too.
  • Blend all the ingredients together until smooth.


  • Serve as a tomato sauce for other raw food dishes.


  • Clean the blender.
  • Recycle the waste.