Saturday breakfast fruit. This recipe makes enough for two plates


  • no special equipment is required


  • eight large strawberries (300g)
  • 16 juicy blackberries
  • half a red grapefruit
  • two fresh apricots


  • Try other types of good quality fresh fruits to make similar dishes.


  • Just keep going! I love my fruit breakfasts, but don't forget your green drink!
strawberries blackberries red grapefruit apricots
Saturday breakfast fruit

saturday breakfast fruit

Fresh apricots! So much nicer than anything from a tin! A fresh fruit arrangement is a visual feast too!


  • Very simple.
  • Wash all the fruit as necessary.
  • Halve the strawberries. Arrange them around the plates alternating with the blackberries.
  • Peel and segment the grapefruit. You only need half for this recipe. Arrange in the centre.
  • Half the apricots and discard the stone. Add to the plates.


  • Serve fresh.
  • I normally have a shot of wheatgrass followed by a good glass of green drink first.


  • Recycle the waste