Kesar mango and blackberries. This recipe makes enough for two dishes


  • no special equipment is required


  • 1 Kesar mango
  • 1/2C fresh blackberries


  • Try Alphonso mango too!
kesar mangoes blackberries
Kesar mango and blackberries

kesar mango and blackberries

I just love the Kesar or Alphonso mangoes when the Indian mango season arrives!


  • Wash the blackberries and remove any stalks.
  • Using a kitchen knife, slice off two sides of the mango. Run the knife close to and parallel with the central stone. Cut each of the mango sides in half lengthways. Make cuts across each of these lengths without cutting through the skin. Arrange these lengths two per dish.
  • Use a small knife to retrieve the rest of the mango flesh from the stone, and share this between the two dishes.
  • Top each dish with a handful of blackberries.


  • Serve freshly made with a small grapefruit spoon to eat them.


  • Recycle the waste