Dao Earl


  • ... Dao's central understanding is that we are creatures of the Earth, with billions of years of experience as animals, and a brief 10,000 years pretending we’re not. He lost interest in the ancient medical systems he studied, because none of them asked the question of why we needed them. The most obvious departure we have made from nature is cooking, and while it may have been necessary for our survival then, it is now up for question. ...
  • http://www.arcturusclinic.co.uk
  • Dao's ten-years of colonics, fasting and detox has evolved these practices into the format the Sura team now follow. This journey started with his own health, then attracted the attention of friends and the budding systems in Thailand. In Spain it became Home-Colonics, and then Karuna Retreats in UK, before arriving in the easeful situation that is Sura Detox today. Dao's talks are his primary offering to the retreat, along with his working knowledge of detox and its symptoms.
  • http://www.suradetox.com