spinach (Spinacia oleracea)

  • There are three main types of spinach each with many varieties.
  • Firstly there is the traditional crinkly leafed savoy spinach.
  • Secondly there are the flat leaved varieties.
  • Thirdly there are hybrid varieties which may be derived from the first two.
  • Baby spinach refers to the small round leaves of more recent round leaved varieties of spinach.
  • Although spinach has good levels of iron and calcium, it also has an oxalate content which decreases their absorption.
  • Spinach was promoted in the 1930s with Popeye. However the German scientist, Dr. E. von Wolf, had put the decimal point one place out in the calculations for iron content making it appear ten times too high. By the time this was realised, it was too late to change the momentum of this promotion.
  • It's probably a good idea to use good quality organic spinach or grow your own as spinach can contain relatively high levels of pesticides.