rye grain (Secale cereale)

  • Rye is closely related to barley and wheat.
  • It does contain a type of gluten but this is less than wheat grain. For a gluten free grain see oat groats.
  • Rye is very susceptible to the ergot fungus. It is dangerous to eat rye that has become infected with ergot as this can cause all kinds of problems. Do make sure your rye grain is obtained from a reliable source.
  • The dark dense Pumpernickel bread is made from crushed or ground whole rye grains usually without wheat flour. It is baked for long periods at low temperature.
  • In the United States rye bread generally contains caraway seed.
  • Rye grain should be washed and soaked before using in recipes.
  • Rye grain can also be sprouted.
rye grain

rye grain