Refined sugar (Denovolipogenica toxiferous)

Refined sugar comes in variety of guises

  • agave (cactus plant)
  • agave syrup (cactus plant)
  • brown sugar (white sugar plus colour)
  • honey (thousands of flowers)
  • icing (bakers) sugar (white sugar ground fine)
  • maple syrup (tree sap)
  • molasses (sugar canes)
  • raw cane sugar (sugar canes)
  • stevia extract or liquid (stevia plant)
  • syrup (beets)
  • treacle (sugar canes)
  • white sugar (sugar canes, sugar beets plus more refining)
  • xylitol (corn cobs or wood)

Refined sugar is also hidden in

  • Processed foods
  • Most drinks including flavoured water
  • Sports drinks

See the topic on Sugar

  • Sugar is refined by taking a large quantity of plant material and extracting the sugar content. That is what the refining process is.
  • Sometimes, at this stage it is called "raw" or "unrefined" for example "raw cane sugar". The word "raw" in this case just means "refined" and that the refining process stopped at this stage, instead of continuing even further.
  • You could not possibly eat the quantity of plant material used to produce even a few spoonfuls of refined sugar.
  • The issue with refined sugar is that there is no fibre around the sugar, so it may just spike your system.
  • In our craving for sugar, we are very vunerable to the suggestion that the next refined sugar on the market is somehow better, but, your body knows the difference.


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