mixed spice

  • The traditional mixed spice as described in all the classic British cookery books, is a convenient mix of the following four ingredients, and nothing else.
  • cinnamon
  • cloves
  • nutmeg
  • ginger

  • It is not unknown these days, for this mix to be cut with much cheaper ingredients. I have seen corriander as the first ingredient on the list in an unspecified quantity. For those of you who don't care for corriander much, or would prefer to get what you thought you paid for, this is somewhat disappointing. In comparision to spices, corriander, which is of course a herb, not a spice, is substantially cheaper.
  • If your mixed spice has been cut with corriander then you may need to at least double the quantities required for your recipes, which are hopefully not spoilt by the corriander.
  • These days you may also find that even the cinnamon has been replaced with cassia. This is in the cinnamon family, but it is not the same, and is cheaper.
  • If your mixed spice contains pimento, this is another name for allspice. It wasn't in the earlier more traditional mixes, but is a creditable ingredient.


  • Cassia's flavour, however is less delicate than that of true Cinnamon; for this reason, Cassia is less expensive. Cassia is sometimes called "bastard Cinnamon".
  • http://cassiacinnamon.com