kiwi berry (Actinidia arguta)

  • Other common names for this fruit are hardy kiwi and artic kiwi.
  • The kiwi berry grows on a vine. The vine is quite hardy. In some parts of the world it has become an invasive species, taking over woodland areas and covering the trees.
  • The cultivation of the kiwi berry requires quite careful consideration. Some male vines must be placed upwind from the females for wind pollination.
  • The kiwi berry fruit is about the size of a gooseberry. It is rather like a small kiwi fruit but with a soft smooth skin, so it can be eaten whole. The ones I tried tasted like a slightly sweeter but blander kiwi fruit, however I don't have any experience of a just ripe freshly picked one, so it would be unfair to go by this experience.
  • When you cut the kiwi berry, the cross-section has that characteristic kiwi fruit pattern, on a smaller scale.
  • This fruit has become available in the UK in small quantities but it's more of a novelty. Wendy brought me some from a supermarket . Thank you Wendy. They had been grown in Italy. They were being sold in 125g packs at 2.50 a pack which would make it 20 per kilogram. (September 2011). Of course, I had to try some, but it would be rather expensive for a recipe requiring say half a kilogram .... hmmm!
  • Maybe if you live near a forest area in western Massachusetts you could pick this fruit wild and experiment with it more. Or maybe you could get some organic ones from Kiwi Korners ...
kiwi berry

kiwi berry