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If your honey is not cold extracted and processed see Refined sugar Most supermarket honey falls into this category.

  • Please note that honey is not part of a vegan diet.
  • We do care about these little creatures. They play an important part in raw food production, especially fruits! Their decline in recent years is somewhat alarming.
  • Unless your honey is raw and cold processed, you are just buying a jar of sugar, with no benefits.
  • Manuka honey is from the tea trees of New Zealand or Australia. If your manuka honey has not been cold processed, then it is just an expensive jar of sugar. If it has been blended with other honey then it isn't manuka honey and it isn't cold processed, so another jar of sugar.
  • Generally anything in a bottle, can, jar or carton has been heat processed, unless you have specific evidence to confirm otherwise. The word "raw" on any bottle, can, jar or carton has no specific meaning, other than as a keyword for marketing purposes.
  • Honey is basically refined sugar that has been refined by the bees. Arguably raw honey confers the anti-bacterial and antiviral elements that the bees have built into it.
  • Please consider growing some bee friendly wild flowers in your own garden.


  • For a unique taste of London, go in search of some of its local honey. From the rooftop of an international brand consultant to the hives in St Peters Church Brockley, Londoners have enthusiastically embraced the plight of the London bee. And while 2012 was not a good year due to the poor weather conditions, you can still source this local treat from ...
  • http://www.londonfoodessentials.com
  • You can get your RAW honey here. British honeys are sourced from key locations in Kent, Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Norfolk and the Glens of Angus in Scotland.
  • http://www.ogilvys.com
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raw honey