hemp seed

  • Hemp seeds are available whole or hulled. I prefer to use whole hemp seeds. Hulled simply means that the seed shells have been removed by processing.
  • Whole hemp seed contains more fibre. It has 35g per 100g compared to the hulled seeds which have 6g per 100g.
  • Whole hemp seed contains more calcium. It has 168mg per 100g compared to 74mg for the hulled seeds.
  • Whole hemp seed contains more iron. It has 18mg per 100g compared to 4.7mg per 100g for the hulled seeds.
  • Whole hemp seed contains more riboflavin. It contains 1.1mg per 100g compared to 0.3mg for the hulled seeds.
  • Some of the vitamins and essential oils are from the kernels, so, obviously the ratio is higher in the hulled seeds, providing the hulling process has not depleted them.
  • I prefer to use whole hemp seeds that have not been sterilised. If they have been sterilised then they cannot be sprouted, the life force has been destroyed, and they are no longer a raw food. In the US, I am told that it is not possible to buy raw food hemp seed.


  • Hemp has 3 unique nutritional factors. It has an ideal balance of Omega 3 and 6 for sustainable human health, it has a full amino acid spectrum meaning it provides complete protein, and it has a massive trace mineral content - truly one of nature's superfoods.
  • http://www.yaoh.co.uk
  • High-profile chefs in the UK, including Jamie Oliver, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jane Clark are emphatic Hemp converts!
  • http://www.hempsa.co.za
  • This website is dedicated to educating the public about Hemp’s various uses. We’ve provided a forum for people to share ideas and thoughts about hemp and its place in American and World Industry and there is a Hemp Market where you can find all your hemp products under one roof
  • http://www.hemp.com
hemp seeds

hemp seeds