grapefruit (Citrus paradisi)

  • The grapefruit is the fruit of a sub-tropical evergreen tree.
  • The grapefruit tree is a hybrid of the pomelo and the sweet orange. The sweet orange is itself a more ancient hybrid.
  • Grapefruits come in yellow, pink and red fleshed varieties, the yellow being the most bitter tasting and the red being the sweetest. For juicing and generally for raw food recipes I prefer red grapefruits.
  • The coloured outer peel contains oils which the body can't digest so generally the outer peel is not used in raw food recipes. The same goes for oranges, but remember that lemons are different and all of the lemon can be used.
  • For juicing grapefruit, simply cut off the outer coloured skin with a sharp knife, and then juice the lot including any remaining white pithy skin. This makes the best quality juice. See the video clip where Juice Daddy - Jay Kordich reveals what's of value in 'orange juice' The same applies to grapefruits.
red grapefruit

red grapefruit