durian (Durio zibethinus)


  • Durian fromFruits of Warm Climates by Julia F. Morton available online at
  • https://hort.purdue.edu
  • Regarded as the ‘king of tropical fruit’. Described as tasting like heaven and stinking like hell. The fruit is large and covered in spines with a really rich creamy flesh which tastes like cream cheese and onions.
  • http://www.capetrib.com.au
  • There's a place in Penang where one can savour the 'king' of fruits in the natural atmosphere of the woodlands. With textures and flavours ranging from smooth and fragrant to husky and bitter-sweet, these will undoubtedly leave an exquisite taste in your mouth and an unforgettable experience in your mind.
  • http://www.durian.com.my