chickpeas (Cicer arietinum)

  • Another common name for chickpeas is garbanzo beans
  • Chickpeas, in common with many other beans and legumes, should not be eaten raw as they may make you sick.
  • The best approach is to soak them for a day and then sprout them over several days, changing the water on a daily basis.
  • Even then, eating the sprouts may make you sick, and so are best cooked.
  • For this reason I do not recommend chickpeas as part of a raw food diet. There are plenty of other things to go for first.
  • See the video clip "Can You Eat Beans & Legumes on the Raw Food Diet?" from Natasha St Michael of Raw Radiant Health


  • In recent years, Natasha started experimenting with different diets. When she encountered the raw food diet three and a half years ago, she decided to try it out for a couple of weeks. What had begun as an experiment, turned into a lifestyle, and Natasha has been on a raw food diet ever since!!