celtic sea salt

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  • Celtic sea salt is extracted from the mineral rich waters along the Brittany coast in France, using the sun and wind.
  • An important mineral in Celtic sea salt is magnesium. You may want to check that this has not been removed.
  • It's also possible to buy other naturally extracted mineral rich sea salts from other areas. You might want to check the pollution levels of these areas first.


  • Our Celtic Sea Salt is dried using a process first started well over 900 years ago; the Celtic people of France changed the archaic method of boiling and these salt makers were given royalty status when they began to use the sun and wind as the method of preparing salt. This drying process in the natural elements of the West Brittany coast, charges the salt with natural energy. No metal ever comes into contact with the salt. The coast of Brittany, France is considered to have the best mineral content of any seawater in the world.
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  • Produced by a small, traditional salt business in the Algarve, Portugal, Steenbergs Fleur de Sel orflower of salt is hand-harvested daily from the surface of the salt-pan like cream from milk. The Fleur de Sel has a wonderful bouquet from the naturally occurring trace elements that naturally highlights food flavours and crumbles easily between the fingers. Steenbergs Organic - buy fleur de sel (sun dried sea salt) online
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  • The 2000 hectares of salt marsh in Guérande (communes of Guérande, Batz-Sur-Mer, La Turballe, Le Croisic, Le Pouliguen and La Baule) and Le Mès (communes of Mesquer, Saint-Molf and Assérac) basins form a unique natural site recognised as an outstanding heritage. A precious, living area born from man's activities…and whose survival is still in our hands.
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Celtic sea salt

Celtic sea salt