apple mint (Mentha suaveolens)

  • See also mint
  • Apple mint can be identified by its rounded leaves and more upright growing habit. It is less pungent than spearmint, although it has a good flavour.
  • This mint is easy to grow. Try two or three different places in the garden to see where it establishes and grows best. It can be grown in pots, but do use really big pots to allow the roots some space.
  • I prefer apple mint in smoothies where the taste is more subtle and less dominant than spearmint.
  • For juicing, simply wash the entire stems and juice the lot.
  • This mint is great chopped up in salads. For salads wash the mint and just use the leaves as the stems can be a bit tough.


  • Hardy perennial, Ht. 80 cm. Mauve flowers from summer to autumn. Oval hairy mid green leaves. Good for mint sauces and jellies. Add to vegetables and salads.
Apple mint

Apple mint