almonds (Prunus dulcis aka Prunus amygdalus)

See also almond butter

  • The fruits of the almond tree are drupes. Each drupe contains one almond seed.
  • These seeds are known as almonds.
  • Always soak almonds prior to using them in recipes. This deactivates enzymes in the almond skin that inhibit digestion.
  • Almonds sold online may be described as "whole", "natural" even "raw" but, if they are from California, then they are not raw.
  • All California almonds are either heat-pasteurized or treated with a fumigant called propylene oxide. The processes, which have been required by law since 2007, are intended to prevent foodborne illness.
  • The almonds advertised here are from Spain. I am unsure of their status at the moment.
  • If you know of a verified source of raw almonds, please let me know.