Twin gear juicers

  • Twin gear juicers extract juice from the plant material by squashing the plant material between two counter rotating gears.
  • These machines are refined and solid.
  • These are the machines to use to produce high quality green drinks and juices.
  • These juicers extract every last bit of juice and the pulp that is ejected is nearly dry.
  • They are great for wheatgrass.
  • They are great for all the harder stuff, that a centrifugal juicer might struggle to get much out of.
  • You can juice apples and you get a really good quality juice, but you do have to start with fairly firm crispy apples. The softer ones are a bit of a pain.
  • It's not very good with soft fruits like peeled oranges, melons and the like.
  • In the more solid models, you can even make nut butters, and cream up coconut meat.
GS 1000 Green Star Juice Extractor

GS 1000 Green Star Juice Extractor