The Norwalk juicer

  • These juicers have their origins in Dr. Norman Walker, the leading pioneer of juice therapy, and the father of juicing machines.
  • The Norwalk juicers are in a class of their own, and produce the ultimate quality juice.
  • The mechanism is in two stages. First the produce is pulped into a bag. Then the bag is placed under a hydraulic press and the juices squeezed out.


  • Dr. Walker became known as the leading expert in the field of raw juice therapy when he opened the Norwalk Laboratories of Health Research in 1910. His research in the benefits of raw vegetable and fruit juices prompted him to begin production of a hydraulic press juicer.
    The Norwalk Triturator Hydraulic Press Juicer was originally developed by Dr. Walker. From his original designs, the development of the present-day Norwalk evolved. This design enables you to process all growing foods quickly, easily, and efficiently.
    Through the use of the Norwalk Ultimate Machine, it is possible for anyone to achieve their goal of a raw food regimen through pulp-free juice and chopped raw salads. Through fresh raw foods, you can receive the nutrition you need - the natural way.