Single auger juicers

  • The single auger juicer is a masticating juicer and is an alternative to the twin gear juicer.
  • They work by crushing the produce along a single rotating auger.
  • These juicers extract every last bit of juice and the pulp that is ejected is nearly dry.
  • They are great for wheatgrass.
  • They are great for all the harder stuff, that a centrifugal juicer might struggle to get much out of.
  • The single auger juicers tend to be better with the softer stuff too, compared to twin geared juicers.
  • These machines are now becoming more sophisticated. There are essentially two types, the traditional single auger machines have the auger on a horizontal arrangement. The more recent machines now have a vertical arrangement.
  • I suspect that if I was looking for another kitchen juicer now, I would check out the newer generation of single auger juicers with the vertical arrangement.