Mixing bowls

  • Mixing bowls are a fundamental necessity in any kitchen, but especially in a raw food kitchen.
  • I have to admit that I prefer stainless steel, but I purchased a set of plastic ones a while back and they have kept me going. They stack up neatly so they don't take up excessive space.
  • I prefer the larger bowls in the raw food kitchen as wilting, washing and mixing seem easier with plenty of space to work in.
  • I have two sizes, 25cm diameter, which is fine for making salads, and fits into the fridge, and 30cm diameter which are used more for mixing and washing produce in. I find on the preparation side of things a few of each is all I need.
  • When I'm making a batch of crackers for a dehydrator run, then I have flax seeds soaking in the 30cm bowls and then they are all in use.
  • Features to look out for.
  • I did once buy a set of stainless steel mixing bowls. They were reasonable quality steel, but the base wasn't flat to the work surface. I found this really annoying so I took them back.
  • If you are buying stainless steel, make sure that they are not too thin. You do pay more for good quality but you can also pay a lot for not such good quality too, so beware.
large mixing bowl

large mixing bowl