Citrus juicers

  • Citrus juicers start with the simple lemon squeezer and go on to what are essentially motorized versions of this.
  • The citrus fruit is cut in half and the juicer used to extract the clear juice without any pips or pulp.
  • In the raw food kitchen, the simple lemon squeezer is useful to get clear lemon juice without any pips. If you use it firmly, you can get most of the juice. Basically this is all I use if I want clear lemon juice for a recipe.
  • For most other citrus fruit juicing requirements, I prefer to use whole or peeled fruit in a centrifugal juice extractor so that some of the fruit fibre is included too.
  • There's not a lot more I can say about these, as, other than a simple lemon squeezer, I don't use them.
citrus juicer

citrus juicer